Defenses to Intentional Interference

A Guide to Consent in Tort Law

There are several different defenses in tort law which may excuse a defendant of wrongdoing and prevent him from being held liable for damages to the plaintiff. When a tort
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Does a Defense of Property Work in Tort Law

Tort law allows for a person to use a certain amount of physical force in order to protect his premises or physical property from imminent harm. A defendant that would
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Defenses to Intentional Interference You Should Know

When a plaintiff accuses a defendant of an intentional tort, it is the defendant's responsibility to identify any justifications for his actions that may excuse him from liability for the
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Does Tort Law Recognize Self Defense?

Tort law recognizes the personal right to defend oneself when attacked using reasonable force. Self defense is normally applied exclusively to the intentional tort of assault, and battery, but can
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