Joint Tortfeasors

Understanding an Apportionment of Damages

In distributing the allotment of damages connected to a case involving joint-tortfeasors, it is important to know exactly what constitutes such an important process. In attempts to figure out exactly how
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Concerted Action in Joint Tortfeasors

In pursuit of a concerted action, more than one individual must be involved. These parties, together, then map out, acquire a general consensus amongst themselves, and finally put into action
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The Contribution of Joint Tortfeasors

In legal terms, contribution is described as the right of an individual pursuing liability from another to receive reparations proportionate to the persons being filed against. Following judgment in which
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Indemnity, which can be found most often in areas concerning financial matters, is an agreement of some type that is composed to ensure that compensation or restitution exists in the
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