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Negligence & Liability for Physical Harm

Negligence & Liability for Physical Harm

For many years, the standard of products liability litigation was the proof of Negligence 
To Persons:

Injuries caused to the physical body are common causes of negligence tort in product liability cases.  Products such as tools, automobiles, kitchen appliances and the like may, through normal use, result in bodily injury for which the manufacturer may be liable.  Negligence applies to defects in manufactured goods but also applies to products free of manufacturing defect that do not feature necessary safety warnings for common concerns.  Products without specific irremovable safety warnings may be found to be negligent if their use can result in bodily injury.

To Tangible Things:

While negligence tort for physical harm is suit for bodily injury resulting from use of manufactured goods, separate negligence claims can be made for damage to personal nonliving property.  When the intended use of a product results in damage to real estate or personal possessions owned by the buyer or those in contact with the buyer, the seller may be held responsible for negligence tort, and be forced to compensate the property owner.